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Holy Ghost

Is there a connection between...

Ruh al-Qudus = "Spirit of holiness“ (Islam)
Ruach HaQodesh = "holy breath" (Judaism)
Heiliger Geist = "holy spirit/anima" (Christianity)

anima is the greek word for the indogermanic word for breath: Atem (german) / Odem (german) / Adem (turcish) / Atman (Sanskrit)

Also I want to know more about the relation of the words Hauch (german for breath), Rauch (german for smoke), Ruach (hebrew for spirit) and Ruh (arabic for spirit??) and maybe even the english word breath.

Just a question.

I am a muslim

I kinda like this guy. For his thruthfulness. And I don't mind that he might look upon me as an infidel. He is looking - like me - for truth. It's all that matters in life. Thanks for your honest video, Khalid.