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The War You Don't See 6/7

Oops! You can still see this film here. Very worthwile seeing!

The Great Wall of Vagina

Michael Moore On Julian Assange

Tableau Public

World Evolution

Rap News 6 - The truth is out there

How to close ur Postfinance Account

Best way to close your Postfinance account (as told by an Postfinance Employee):

- Login to E-Finance
- Change to «Kontakt / Mailbox» (check image below)
- Goto «Kontakt» > «Neue Nachricht»
- Write them a letter that you want to close your account. 
- Log out. Done ;)

(For al larger version click on the picture)

Escaped from the Portal

CUBE: There is no conspiracy…

CUBE: There is no conspiracy, nobody is in charge…
One of the best movie-scenes ever…
Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY_5jv-80gA&feature=related

Eternal Shpongle

Best Hoop Dancing Video outta there. She's drawing you into the flow, if you want or not... Watch it:

Arcadia Magik Revisited

WikiRebels – The Documentary

Wikileaks & the War on Free Speech

Rap News 5: Wikileaks & the War on Free Speech (ft. Julian Assange)