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The new American President

Former Air Force Lt. Col., Bob Bowman, led the stategic Missle Defense program under Bush 1 and Clinton. A Vietnam combat veteran with over 100 missions, Bob, is conducting a "Patriot" tour of the US right now. He's calling for the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, a re-investigation of the events around 911 and an end to the Patriot Act among other things. This is from his recent talk at the College of Marin, Kentfield, CA. June 15, 2007

How the Towers Fell

A Technical Analysis of the WTC Collapses by
Richard Gage from the University of Manitoba

Online link to the film

Questions worth asking

  • Who am I (as a physical and spiritual being)?
  • Why should Iran not have the same right to produce nuclear weapons as anybody else (e.g. France, USA, China, Russia etc.)?
  • As of 1945 up to the present there was and still is a kind of tabu to actually use nuclear weapons in wars. Nobody has done it for over 60 years now. Would the first (ab-) use of a nuclear weapon in a contemporary war take this tabu away? (Let's try to make it never happen!)
  • What is behind the 9/11 critically asked questions (Check out: Stephen Jones about Colapsing Probabilities, MIT-Professor about pyroclastic clouds or the best one: How the Towers Fell With Richard Gage, AIA)
  • What happened to Bruno Manser?
  • What exactly happened to Lady Diana?
  • Is it – at last – not time that the United States of America honestly apologize to Japan and the global community for dropping the only two nuclear bombs that killed thousands of people in Hiroshima (140'000 deaths) and Nagasaki (70'000 deaths)?
  • Why is the permanent UN Security Counsil not periodically rebuild by a world-democracy of all countries?
  • Would it not be interesting for the United States to strongly enforce the power of the United Nations (UNO) and thus become a kind of hero and true peace leader (= fighter against terrorism!) for the coming centuries?
  • Do you think present and future generations can be held responsible for what happened decades ago?
  • Is it right to just remain silent deliberately about jewish bank accounts opened in the time of world war two for decades instead of searching for their owners or at least publishing them?
  • The Swiss are known and often criticized for always adopting a middle course in whatever field – be it politics, culture or another area. But the Swiss are originally a folk of a lot of different small farmer-groups gathering together for more strength against their enemies surrounding them at that time (13th century). Thus it is our culture to find a peaceful golden mean together to survive and be stronger. Do you believe this is a curse in our times or could this even be a strategy of survival and the reason to be not involved in wars for a long time?
  • What happened to the Anthrax-cases… Was a responsible found? Why did they stop as suddenly as they appeared? Are we save now? Could this happen again? Do we care?
  • With the attack of Afghanistan after the 11th of September 2001, got more terrorists rendered innocuous by the American President G.W.Bush or did he – in contrary – create more people willing to be terrorists?
  • What would have happened if the Americans had stayed at home in world war two instead of helping the allies to free Europe (God thanks you came!)?

Global Risk Management

Here is a good one you absolutely have to watch (from a brilliant mind!):

And if you like it, watch this one too:

And if you still can't get enough watch 'em all, thei're worth it! And do as he says: act up cause every voice counts! (If nobody buys their oil their business is going to die! Simple enough!)

Ah, and... I somehow liked this one too. I add it as a goodie:

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