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Mobile Application WikiLeaks 1.0.ipa

Here's a little secret (tactically however it's probably important to keep it under the radar of certain entities and spread it slowly to the most interested people first).

The WikiLeaks Application for iÞh°ne «WikiLeaks 1.0.ipa» is working fine again (at least on the iÞh°ne 5, I think also on the iÞh°ne 4 and 4ş) meaning a) it is possible to install from scratch, b) to sync, c) to fire it up on the iÞh°ne, d) it works fine doing exactly what it is meant to do (please report any bugs and or problems and especially solutions and work-arounds should you find some) and last but not least e) it is not erased automatically by Apple after that. At least not for now. We will have to see what happens when more and more people install it again.

So here is what you've got to do: find it (after all you are a good Seeker, no?), download it and put it on your desktop in the folder for ~/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications. Then connect your iÞh°ne to the computer and start up iTunes. The WikiLeaks App will show with all the other Apps. Then manually drag the App on your iÞh°ne. Sync et voilà, you have it on your Þh°ne. After that just use it like any other program.

Known unknowns:
– Is Apple using this fact to spy on WikiLeaks' friends or even report people to other parties?
– Will Apple interfere again once it realizes, that people start to install and use it again?
– Will anybody be so clever as to upload it very soon onto a Torrent-Client or a Download-Service?
– Is this blogpost productive, creative and constructive or rather counter productive?
– Will WikiLeaks appreciate the publication of the above described facts or rather not?

P.S: Important: The information in this post is provided as is and serves only as historical research info. Any use is not endorsed by the publisher and at your own discretion. Do not do things you know of that they are illegal!

The developer behind the app: Igor Barinov.

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Wright's law

Mr. Wright: “When you start talking about physics, you start to wonder, ‘What is the purpose of it all?’ ” he said in an interview. “Kids started coming to me and asking me those ultimate questions. I wanted them to look at their life in a little different way — as opposed to just through the laws of physics — and give themselves more purpose in life.” 


“There is something a lot greater than energy. There’s something a lot greater than entropy. What’s the greatest thing?”

It's Wright's law.

Knowledge is power

«In fact many servers are OWNED by people running scam commercial smut sites, and they can allow any abominable smut site BUT NOT a site that teaches you how to nuke them.»

Does that ring a bell? History repeating?


Fravia passed away…

Fravia, I wanted to write to you. Yesterday. Having learned about your illness. And wanted to ask you one more, one last question: «What is your deepest insight into the matrix called ‹life›?»

Today I learn that you passed away. Already. And I'm late. Three years late (who would believe that).

Well, I like to imagine, that this is the ultimate challenge for an reverse engeneer: death. So I can say: à+. Instead I say silently «thanks» and «good bye» and «your ripples on the surface will forever continue albeit your becoming one with the water of the old pond»

Wikileaks hacked?

Update: after thinking very hard about the released files (see attached screenshots) I believe there might be a quite easy explanation for it: perhaps Wikileaks published the whole batches of mails including all spam mail that the syrian government had gotten beforehand. Just an idea…

Maybe I'm missing out on a whole lot of intel here but when I tried to get info from http://wikileaks.org/syria-files/date/2004.html today I got the following picture (see screenshots further down) which sure looks like a hack to me on first sight. Who knows more? 

Never mind the stories behind this: to support freedom is everyone's obligation. Freedom of information. Freedom of thought. Freedom of movement. However you support the thought of freedom, whatever you do, do it! And Wikileaks is a great start. Support Wikileaks.

You know, the other day I read for the first time really the universal declaration of human rights paragraph by paragraph. Wow! It's one of those revolutionary, striking masterpieces that is as great and ahead of it's time as only a few that have ever been called into existance! 

Some other relevant screenshots:

Privacy vs. accountability

A good friend told me lately, that he couldn't understand why I was so open about my political position and a lot of my private attitudes. A very important question I believe. Here just a short answer. An in depth analysis might follow. Actually there are several life experiences that are the root causes for this behavior of mine, some of which are:

– The master moves the world without moving (Tao de Ching)
– You cannot do nothing. Doing nothing is also doing something which is exactly that: doing nothing!
– In most western cultures 'silent observation of xy' is understood and interpreted as 'approving of xy'.
– Still I believe in values like honesty and also neutrality and non-violence and last but not least to stand up for one's values.
– I tried several times in my life to stay completely out of politics resulting in being the lonely party that was the first to be cut down. Never again!

Which leads us to my central argument:

Anna Ardins Mikroblogg


For those with a real interest in the picture underneath, please contact me.


Age of first interest

„Age of first interest“ – Bringt bei, was interessiert, nützt oder fesselt! Über Schwarze Löcher, Dinos, Ritter und Smartphones (Daily Dueck 179, Dezember 2012)

Das deutsche Kind soll alles von Erwachsenen Gewünschte zum ersten möglichen Zeitpunkt können: Krabbeln, Laufen, Zahnen, Sprechen, Erfolgstopfsetzen, Dankesagen, Zimmeraufräumen, Zähneputzen. Das wird ihm beigebracht, ob es will oder nicht. „Zahn endlich! Andere Babys sind schon im Vorteil!“ Was das Kind selbst interessiert, nervt eher. „Das kannst/verstehst du noch nicht.“ Wieder anderes soll nicht interessieren. Besser nie: Sex. Diese erwachsene Haltung programmiert die Kinder, wo man sie doch entfalten könnte.

Vielleicht kann ich heute nicht gut googlen. Ich habe nach dem „Alter ersten Interesses“ für irgendetwas im Internet gesucht. „Earliest age“ oder „erstes Interesse“. Es kommen Treffer der Art „first age of intercourse“ oder „Alter beim ersten Mal“. Gibt es eine Liste, wann Dinos, Planeten, Atommodelle, Ritter, Hexen oder Computer interessieren? Könnten wir nicht immer gerade all das, was wirklich brennend interessiert, im Unterricht behandeln, wenigstens zu einem guten Teil?
Wenn Kinder etwas interessiert, fragen sie uns Löcher in den Bauch. Warum nutzen wir das nicht aus? Sie lernen dann zehn Mal schneller und viel, viel mehr. Wenn es nützlich ist, lernen Kids auch höchst langweiligen Kram, so wie etwa bei der theoretischen Führerscheinprüfung, die JEDER besteht, auch ohne Hauptschulabschluss und Alphabetentum. Was meckern wir über unsachkundigen Gebrauch des Internets durch Kids? Wir könnten verlangen, dass sie einen Internetführerschein machen, in Stufen wie beim Freischwimmen. Machen sie! Gerne! Freisurfen!

Jeder lernt gern, wenn eines oder mehreres vom Folgenden zutrifft:

• Das Gelernte nützt und hilft weiter
• Das Gelernte fesselt die Aufmerksamkeit oder macht Freude oder Spaß
• Das Gelernte eröffnet eine neue Welt des Interesses

Fahrschule nützt, Erste Hilfe nützt. Hexen, Zootiere und Smartphones fesseln. Oft eröffnet Gelerntes einen neuen Blick und erzeugt ein Interesse, das lebenslang anhält. Baukästen können Ingenieure „erzeugen“, Bücher den Geisteswissenschaftler, ein Altenpflegepraktikum einen Menschenberuf. Vorbilder helfen, große Erlebnisse, Siege im Sport, Musik, Reiseerfahrungen – Begegnungen, die haften bleiben und zum Teil ungeheure Energien freisetzen: Lust, Schaffensfreude, Unternehmertum, Pflichtbewusstsein oder Selbstdisziplin.

>>> weiterlesen auf http://www.omnisophie.com/day_180.html
>>> oder hier als pdf runterladen: Age of first interest by Gunter Dueck

History of Greater Palestine

Goldman Sachs