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The following logo are chosen by me quite subjectively only after graphic criteria. The choice sais nothing about my personal values or any other content the logo transport, it's just the graphic form that was of significance for the representation (example: the logo of the NSDAP with the swastica is a very good logo. That doesn't mean in any way, that I support nazism or the far right political movement, their ideas or actions).

SART (by Roger Le Marié, 2000):

Open Ideas (by Simon Repp, 2006):

Coca Cola (Original by Frank Mason Robinson):

Mother and Child (by Herb Lubalin):

Minolta (original by Saul Bass):

Continental Airlines (by Saul Bass):

Olympische Spiele Peking 2008 (by art director: Han Meilin and team):

Olympische Spiele München 1972 (art director Otl Aicher, ~1971):

Adidas (by Adi Dassler, 1967):

Adidas (by Peter Moore, 1997):

Nike (original by Carolyn Davidson, 1971):

International Red Cross (ICRC) (Inverse of
the Swiss national flag. Find further info here):

Swastika of the NSDAP (an excellent essay
about the creation of that logo can be found here):

WWF (by Jenny Leibundgut for Landor):

Very interesting to see the evolution of the WWF logo. Originally it was designed 
by Peter Markham Scott (version 1961) after sketches of the scottish scientist and 
painter Gerald Watterson (see sketch underneath). The inspiration came from 
Chi-Chi, a big panda bear that came to the London Zoo in 1961 at the year of
the foundation of the WWF. 1986 followed the redesign which is in its main form
still used up until today. Designer was Jenny Leibundgut for the Francisco Branch
of the agency Landor, creative director: Tom Suiter; design director Jerry Kuyper:

Jerry Kuyper, design director of Landor remembers

Lego (by ???):

Shell (by Raymond Loewy):

Very nice to see the evolution of the Shell logo over the years and 
how it grew steadily in strength and graphic representation:

SwissLife (by MetaDesign, 2003):

Sprint (by Michel Casarramona, 1997):

Puma (by Lutz Backes, 1967):

Monster Garage (by Tomek B.):

Egli AG (by Roger Le Marié, 2006 (?)):

Genki (by ???):

dvance (by Ata Bozaci):

Disco Inferno (by ???):

Illuminati & Victoria (by John Langdon):

Intro magazine (by Holger Risse (und ich)):

Motor Cycle Mania (by John Langdon, art director: John Isely):

Atalier (by Ata Bozaci):

PRCSN (by Byonic Systems):

Logos of Bionic Systems are very hard to find in the 
internet unfortunately. To see a bigger picture klick on it:

Hou+Partnere Arkitekter A/S (by Søren Severin):

Woolmark (by Francesco Saroglia, 1964):

Francesco Saroglia is probably a pseudonym for the man on the 
following picture, who most probably designed the Woolmark 
logo in reality: Franco Grignani:

Several variants of the logo symbolize different parts of wool in 
corresponding clothes. A very nice expansion as well as a very nice 
combination of that logo family!

Here a beautiful color variant of the same logo:


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