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A V's Awakening

«V was fueled by rage, willing to die a martyr taking as many as possible with him. But Evie came out from all her loss and degradation and surrendered to her pain with grief instead hate. She saw hate turns all the self-righteous into monsters. That's when V saw it was time to die and take his hate with him, to hand the revolution over to those who still felt compassion, as she still felt love for him. You can destroy with anarchy and rage, but can only build something good with love.»


«God is in the reign.»


Fuck I hate that. But you have to go unfortunately and 
watch the excerpt on Youtube or watch the longer version of 
the clip right underneath. It's worth it. If you go to Youtube 
keep the above quote in mind and come back here if you want…

Someone put up the long version of the clip above on Youtube, 
and right now (5th November 2011) I can embed it and you can
watch it here: 

A conscious Message

Wake me up inside.

The following is the official Trailer of «V like Vendetta» by the Wachovskies, 
but it doesn't really illustrate the quote above: 

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