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Bradley Manning Insight

One thing its for sure after seeing following video: In prison a person like Bradley Manning is a complete waste for humanity. Putting Bradley Manning into custody instead of supporting him as a human being would be a serious, ferocious crime of our society.
Bradley Manning is attested a more than average intelligence by seemingly very intelligent people. Bradley Manning has an excellent computer knowledge. Bradley Manning has high ethics, is good-hearted, empathetic and last but not least: Bradley Manning has manners. Those are exactly the human beings we need right now! Continuing to mistreat this young man and even worse: putting him into prison, where he sure would be one of the first being mass-raped, is one of the scariest attests of humanity's grave illness leading ultimately to the danger of it's own extinction. And it's also up to you to not let this last sentence become a (self-fulfilling) prophecy.

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