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«To know the truth». Arafat's death.

What killed Yasser Arafat? This excellent investigative report by Al Jazeera is very, very informative and worth while watching.

Switzerland played a crucial role in this investigation. It was in Lausanne where significant amounts of unsupported Polonium 2-10 were found in Arafat's former belongings, clothes he wore in the last days before his death. There are strong indications that the amount of polonium used was about the same as the one with which Alexander Litwinenko, the former russian spy, was poisoned in Great Britain in November 2006. Unfortunately – in a strong sense of the definition of 'scientific proof' – these findings are not sufficient to unequivocally prove the poisoning of former PLO president Yasser Arafat, initial inspirer of the first peace talks with Israel.

With strong support by his former wife and daughter, the body of Yasser Arafat was therefore exhumed to get some bodily samples of his remains:

What will be the outcome? Nobody knows. But we should become strongly aware of one thing: if it looks like a bunny and smells like a bunny, if it makes noises like a bunny and moves like a bunny, then most probably it is a bunny thereby making 'scientific proof' a somewhat naïve interpretation of reality.

I strongly believe, that truth itself will find a way to light in our times. Always. Never mind if you or I support this uncovering or not. In times where so many traces are left behind and so many traces are recorded constantly, truth is naturally embedded into nature and history. So no amount of covering it up and no amount of threatening will be sufficient to prevent truth from coming out one day.

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