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JA vs. Erin Burnett

Julian Assange on CNN,  November 28, 2012. 
Somehow – looking back now with what we know from Snowden – it seems that more people should listen to him talking about a few problems everybody, you included, have or will have soon

For example: 
1. Collapse in the rule of law or in other words: the "state within the state" not accountable to anybody (Swiss Fichen-Affaire anybody?) 
2. Repression of freedom of speech, openly, like in Russia for example, or hidden, like in the US or Switzerland for example (watch the Video for more in depth information)

And sorry, Erin Burnett, when doing the interview, didn't you have this gut feeling, that you would look like a complete fool some day (in the time after Snowden perhaps)? You did have this feeling, right? And worse even, it goes right to the edge of looking like a complete tabloid journalist. This will haunt you for the rest of your life probably… sadly.

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