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Actually the last few blog entries build a big paradox: they try to help the ego understand and start killing itself. But who would ever kill him-, her- or itself of one's free will? Nobody; nothing. We all WANT to exist. We don't want to die. This also counts for ego. So even though these blog entries maybe help to understand reality, we just nod with our heads but that's it. Why should my own ego help to work out its own death? It doesn't! So all those films, talks, ideas, concepts may bring us on one hand closer to the truth and AT THE SAME TIME, teach my ego to understand – and thus avoid! – the strategies planning to de(con)struct itself. So, material teaching an (probably very wise and deep) understanding of reality as a dreamlike state but at the same time cementing and strengthening the attachment to the dream.

Maybe it's not about understanding more deeply something that is there, but letting go of something we believe in that in first place never really was there? Maybe it's not adding but subtracting something?

You find this disturbing? Well, I do find this all quite disturbing. I'm, so to speak, disturbing my self ;)

Well, at least Osho didn't see anything wrong in that. In contrary, I love in what humorous way he speaks of shattering peoples beliefs to the core...

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