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Privacy vs. accountability

A good friend told me lately, that he couldn't understand why I was so open about my political position and a lot of my private attitudes. A very important question I believe. Here just a short answer. An in depth analysis might follow. Actually there are several life experiences that are the root causes for this behavior of mine, some of which are:

– The master moves the world without moving (Tao de Ching)
– You cannot do nothing. Doing nothing is also doing something which is exactly that: doing nothing!
– In most western cultures 'silent observation of xy' is understood and interpreted as 'approving of xy'.
– Still I believe in values like honesty and also neutrality and non-violence and last but not least to stand up for one's values.
– I tried several times in my life to stay completely out of politics resulting in being the lonely party that was the first to be cut down. Never again!

Which leads us to my central argument:

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