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Change or Chaos?

I very consciously decided to publish the following video by Anonymous on my blog here. That this is not the most visited or the best maintained blog doesn't matter. The intellectuals of this planet have been silent for too long. What happened to those great artists and intellectuals that have always spoken out for justice and common human sense?
While I have never done anything that was illegal in my country (and I will not engage in such a thing either if not absolutely necessary) the time to shut up is over. In the future I will indirectly or directly support all Anonymous operations that seem to be thoughtful and truthful out of my very personal perspective. One of my weapons will be the pen. But I intend to sharpen it to an extend, that a japanese katana looks like a dull, edgeless pocket knife. And I know I'm not the only one out there that – even if only in thought – supports quite a few operations by Anonymous.
Who am I. Well, all information about my personality lie in the open. A capable hacker might even be able to find all my passwords, my bank number accounts and much more. I don't care. I believe in some human, global justice. We are all born the same: naked. And we all go the same. Naked.
Why can I do this? Because I can. Because the time is ripe. Because if it should ever be necessary, I believe I could contact Anonymous. Because if it should ever be necessary Anonymous would have my back. That's why. Because we desperately need some role models in the open for everybody to see. Courage is contagous. I fear I was contaminated. By several people more courageous than I am. One of them is Julian Assange. Not that I say Julian is infallable. But the courage he has shown is extraordinary no doubt.
And the time is now. Let's start with this video. If you feel like you want to download it, download it. If you feel like publishing it, publish it. If you feel like spreading it, spread it. Silence - in my culture - is interpreted as approving. And even if I have only very limited, small steps to offer; and even if I belong to the most vulnerable individuals on this planet, the time to act is now. Come with me on a daring journey…

And last but not least what is more important than anything: enjoy every moment of your life.

Yours, R.

To follow OPLastResort on Twitter go to: https://twitter.com/OpLastResort
To follow News on OPLastResort follow Hashtag #OPLastResort
To discuss this operation go to: http://goo.gl/tv55LFollow me too: https://twitter.com/Mariechaon

Alleged download-URL of Warhead1 shall be (not tested yet, news follow soon): http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/122592/Anonymous_just_took_over_the_Supreme_Courts_webpage/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

For more overall info about this operation go to: http://pastebin.com/d2nvt263

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