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Here is a first shot for a logo OPThunderbird. It is nothing more. Just a first sketch. The logo could be finished within 24 hours as of the publication of this post if needed. If you wish me to continue, contact me via my Twitter handle: @M4riechaon One condition applies if it is wished for, that I finish it: it will be licensed under a cc license (derivatives allowed, no mentioning necessary, but no commercial purposes allowed)

Variation (Feet have to be clearly changed in both versions. Finishing degree about 80%). Several Variations for different uses possible (use as small logo, with olive branch, without olive branch, without head but with questionmark, with letters OPTB over the head of bird…)

This is how a negative variation might look like (the blind variation like Justizia is blindfolded). I'm not yet happy with the graphic quality of the overall thing. Defenitely needs some more work.:

Some more remarks. I wanted the logo

1) to be Anonymous conform
2) appealing really to the groups targeted by #OPThunderbird which means
3) it should have an indigenous feel. But not one that prefers an Inka feel over an northamerican feel over an aboriginal feel. It should be acceptable for all indigenous people that are a little open and forthcoming.
4. It should work in a big and very small form
5. It may be fierce but should not make people really scared like my mother who can't really grasp what all the Anonymous videos are all about. She let's herself be influenced much by visual stuff and is scared by a few of Anonymous' visuals incapable of seeing behind the mask, grasping the real value of Anonymous.

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