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Also enjoying music that brings you into a vast, illuminating flow experience?

I'm not sure if Pro-Tec is still in the Trance business. But one of my favorite trance discs to this day is his, DJ Pro-Tec's, one of the best and by far not enough recognized DJs out there.

Cover of Pro-Tec's CD «Attraction» 

Here I offer you two of his songs from his disc «Attraction». Pro-Tec doesn't need more than two songs to drag you in that wide, open space where everything seems to be alright. Enjoy! Ahh and, if you like what you hear or if you'd like to have the complete disc, head over to his page or his facebook account, say hello from me and give him a shout out!

7 Antithesis / The Gate (to download right-click + save as)
8 Pro-Tec / Dominating Power (to download right-click + save as)

DJ Pro-Tec in full effect ;-)

Titelliste «Attraction» von DJ Pro-Tec

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