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Urgent! I need your help with CXense

I need your help.

Does anybody know the program at http://www.cxense.com?
My Computer (Apple Macintosh) just wanted to contact http://www.cxense.com by itself. Safari started by itself contacting http://www.cxense.com under the address you can see here without Little Snitch informing me of course because it went through Safari (to which I allowed all communication).

Has anybody any Intel on that matter?

To inform you:
As far as I know I have done nothing in my whole life, that would
a) threaten any living beings health
b) be illegal in the jurisdiction of my country (Switzerland)
c) contradict my own, pretty demanding ethical standards

I have however had contact with Operation Thunderbird of Anonymous. They are an operation that help some cases of heavy aggression (rape, murder) that are, from what I have seen, undeniable cases of high importance and are not taken up adequeately by the authorities that are responsible for such cases. Specifically: I did and will do some graphic design work for them. With an absolutely clean conscious.

I have also tried to contact people that I have a high regard of like OpPinkPower or The Caster.

Maybe there is a good explanation for my computers behavior and I'm just paranoid. In that case I would be glad if anybody could point that out to me (or the contrary of course, too ;-)

Another thing that strikes me at the same time is, that the visitors of my blog go sharply down even though I didn't change my behavior of publication lately.

And that those two things happen at the same time.

Maybe it's time for some Streisand effect, ey, hehehe?!

For all the help that I get I thank you in advance
Regards, Roger and Rafael

Update 1: April 5th, 16:04 (GMT +1): I istalled two Little Snitch rules forbidding any contact to host www.cxense.com Any knowledge if that might suffice?

Update 2: April 6th, 20:30 (GMT +1): Second f-Secure Scan is clean as well. I didn't expect anything else as my system is completely updated and I'm running 10.8.3, so the flashback intrusion should be banned: 

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