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We are ALL part of the system…

«It's all the same machine, right? The Pentagon, multinational corporations, the police. If you do one little job, you build a widget in Saskatoon, and the next thing you know, it's two miles under the desert, the essential component of a death machine.»
                 Holloway in the Film ‹The Cube (1997)

CUBE: «There is no conspiracy, nobody is 
in charge, big brother is not watching you.»
Well, this is not entirely true…

We are all part of the system. But there are a few people – the metaphorical (and actual?) 1% – that have much more control over the steering wheel of the ship. And it happens to be that those people are not the people with the big picture in mind but the greedy, angry, scared people. Scared of loosing control. Because if you are too greedy and not responsible, there is reason to be scared.
On the other hand there are still too many people that don't care. That are blind, numb, too poor or believe in idiot compassion or are boomeritis slaves. But a big part of the people lately began to wake up… and those people, those 99%, started to occupy the ship's bridge now.

The first step out of the misery is to take radically responsibility for one's own life and actions. Not closing your eyes anymore but waking up and trying to see the big picture. The second step is to not rest silent anymore but to step forward and look for others that take responsibility. Then you start acting up, occupying the important material and mind spaces. Being the 99%, then you redistribute the power corresponding to how responsible people are and how much one can actually grab the big picture, how much people get done instead of talking and making empty promises and how much people are looking actively for good solutions instead of blocking them and how educated people are instead of if they have accidentally found oil in there territory.

The negative way to describe it has been done already in 1997 in the scene of the motion picture «Cube» where our situation was described pretty exactly out of a negative point of view:

The characters contemplate why they're in the cube and what its purpose is.

But there is also a positive point of view which you find here.

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