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Günther Grass speaks truth…

…but for those, that need one or the other additional argument: start watching this video:

Got the tip for the following video (only in German unfortunately) from a friend. After that video I am shocked about the ZDFs (interviewing TV station) lies, suggestive form of unfriendly questions and psycho games they play with Ahmadinejad. Not only Grass speaks truth, also Ahmadinedschad speaks truth. That doesn't mean, that I believe that there are no problems in Iran (something that Ahmadinedschad does not even deny!) or that I would be happy if Iran got hold of a nuclear warhead.

Watch this video and pay close attention to who asks what questions for what reason and how often the interview is cut compared to how often and when and where and why the whole film is cut… Is it possible that the ZDF purposely wants to paint a bad picture of Ahmadinedschad even before the official interview starts? Or vice versa: is it possible, that Ahmadinedschad tries to paint a bad picture of Israel and Europe with false facts and lies and tons of psychological games?

And – very interestingly – compare this blogpost of mine with my second last blogpost before this one. You'll find some very strange and very interesting connections and patterns here. Can you spot them all?

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