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This is Sparta!

«Wanderer, if you come to Sparta, report 
thither that you have seen me lying here, as 
the law commanded.»
                            (Leonidas, King of Sparta)

The following scene is out of the movie «300», the last fight of the Spartans. To take it as a role model literally would be a foolish thing I believe. The messenger can never be the principal target. To punish a messenger for merely transmitting a message is naive. To bring your queen in even greater danger by your behavior is not very wise. The film is soaked by a strong SDi (definition in german/definition in english) red energy. To follow a dogmatic law, ‹wanderer, if you come to Sparta, report thither that you have seen me lying here, as the law commanded›, an inflexible law without reflexion into fatality instead of finding creative solutions is pathetic and plain stupid. And the showing of this film does not in any way mean, I endorse hate against persians, in contrary: our culture owes a whole lot to the persian culture (and vice versa)!

But there is another way to read the following takes. A metaphorical one. Leonidas thinks and sees very clearly. The messenger is not merely a messenger, he threatens Leonidas in front of his queen with his own words. He tries to violate Sparta before the battle has begun. Politricks… He tries to violate Leonidas psychologically threatening to rape him and his people if they don't submit. He seems nice at first, but his fake acting becomes obvious very quickly. Leonidas does not let himself be seduced by the snakes whisper. He analyzes correctly and responds authentically and truthfully. If you cannot change a situation and the situation is grim, face it! Take it! Get whatever you can out of it. Never believe politicians words. Believe their deeds. How many politicians hold on to their promises given in their election campaigns? Well, that should set the precedent for their payment later on. Not their preliminary words. Not words at all should be awarded. Only actions. Especially with politicians.

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