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I love Bernie Dexter

Now you know. It's out. ;)

Check this out: this woman knows how to move, boyeeee:

Bernie-Babe, you're hot as a rocket *licking my fingers*!

Her secret? Here it is: she is not dancing with her head but with her body,
not with her mind but with her heart, not thinking of what people will say
about her in the future but expresses herself in the moment just for herself:

And here the interview with her. Mmmh, Betty, I wanna interview you, too :)
Although – I don't like her laugh in this interview very much. But still…

Update, 29. October 2013

Here is a comparison to the legendary Betty Page. Also to me (compare comments) it seems that Bernie Dexter was clearly very influenced by Betty Page. However, fact is: Betty is dead. And while I love original Betty on film as much as Bernie on film, the idea that Bernie is alive and the way the videos are made as well as the chosen music make Bernie still very sexy to me, even if she's inspired by Betty Page.

Compare this to other known burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, which is also absolutely gorgeous in the following video. To all women out there, remember, I'm a man. A heterosexual man. Therefore naturally I love feminine sexyness wherever it appears. Culture or contemporary fashion are only minor players in the whole but as a man, there is something hardwired in my genetics and brain that gives me good incentives to love sexyness in women. Wherever it appears. Even if it is a rip-off of some sort.

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