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You, the people, have the power

This video is mixed by CyclopsRevolution
As video description Cyclops Revolution has added himself:

«Thanks to DerPestmann for coming up with the idea for combining this amazing monologue, with this music.It fits perfectly! I encoded it for HD so hopefully it will look a little better in fullscreen, and I trimmed off the ending to make it a little more dramatic. You can see DerPestmann's version here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLci5DoZqHU Stop by his page and let him know if you liked this vid.»

This video is mixed by ZacharyGretzinger
As video description Zachary Gretzinger has added himself:

«The audio in this video is a mixture between the final speech in ‹The Great Dictator spoken by Charlie Chaplin and the theme from [the movie] Inception. I got the idea for this video from a post made by a /b/rother on May 26, 2011. Having said that, OP is a fag. I own neither of both audio samples or the Guy Fawkes photo. The revolution does not belong to the committees and In a society where all adventure has been abolished, the only adventure left is to abolish that society are quotes from a French revolution in 1968 with unknown authors. The remaining text is my own.»

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